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Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Michael Skaliy is one of a select group of physicians in the United States currently offering Stem Cell Therapy. Over the past decade, physicians like Dr. Skaliy have used stem cells to successfully treat 65 different medical issues including back pain, degenerative disc disease, hip pain, knee pain, joint inflammation, sciatica, and even thinning hair….

priapus shot couple

PRP for Erectile Dysfunction

With about half of all men between the ages of 35 and 65 dealing with some form of sexual dysfunction, including Erectile Dysfunction (ED), developing real solutions for this condition is a high priority. The problem is so pervasive, pharmaceutical products such as Viagra®, Cialis® or Levitra® have become household names. While these treatments have helped many men temporarily improve their sexual function, there are a few issues with these and similar drugs…

Dr Mike Skaliy Stem Cell Therapy and Back Pain Radio Interview

Listen to Dr. Mike Skaliy’s Stem Cell Treatment Radio Interview

Dr. Mike Skaliy talks about Stem Cell Therapy with Business Radio X in this recently recorded interview…


PRP Therapy

The steady advance of medical science in recent decades has led to tremendous breakthroughs in disease prevention and pain treatment. Patients are receiving better diagnoses, improved outcomes and enjoying the benefits of treatments that were simply not available before…


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