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Dr. Skaliy is among a select group of physicians around the country to offer stem cell therapy to relieve pain and promote healing. Patients can benefit from a unique non-surgical procedure using stem cell injections. The treatment uses your own body’s repair mechanisms and growth factors to promote healing. Stem cell therapy is used to treat back pain, degenerative hip pain, degenerative knee pain and thinning hair.

During the procedure, Dr. Skaliy extracts stem cells from the bone marrow in a patient’s hip or from the adipose tissue on the stomach. The stem cells are then injected into the targeted areas.

The stem cells are from the patient’s own body so the risk of rejection is very low.


“My stem cell treatment procedure was the simplest and least invasive procedure that I have ever had. From check in to check out, everything was done to make sure I was comfortable. My knee had been hurting for a long time and it felt better within weeks and I am now pain free. I can now do all the activities that I have not been able to do for years. Thank you Dr. Skaliy.” Mr. Jay M.


So how do you know if you would be a good candidate for Stem Cell therapy? Take a look at the questions below to better determine if you’re a fit.


What is the benefit of Stem Cell treatment?

Stem Cell injections are used for numerous conditions and our practice uses them for many of these. For back and joint pain we inject these cells into joints and spinal discs to provide long lasting pain relief from chronic pain. These injections, provide a non-invasive non-surgical treatment option, to provide long-lasting relief from chronic joint pain. The injections are performed under x-ray guidance, as needed, to ensure proper placement of the stem cells.


Who is a candidate for Stem Cell treatment?

In general, Stem Cell injections are advised for painful structures such as joints, ligaments and spinal discs. There are some medical issues like leukemia and lymphoma that will preclude you from having a stem cell procedure done.


Which joints can Stem Cells be applied to?

Stem Cell injections can be used for most joints and ligaments in the body.


Where do the Stem Cells come from?

Bone marrow and adipose (fat) tissue are the two sources of stem cells that we use. We harvest the bone marrow stem cells from the back of the hip and the Adipose stem cells from the abdomen or buttock area. The source of the stem cells is determined according to the unique needs of each patient.


What is the success rate for Stem Cell injections?

Most patients will have relief of pain around 1-2 months post injection. The improvement often continues for the first 3-6 months after the stem cell procedure. There are patients who will not get any improvement at all from this procedure, probably around 10-20%.


Does insurance cover Stem Cell therapy?

Stem Cell therapy is typically not covered by your insurance company. If you decide you want to explore this treatment option, you will first speak with someone from our financial office. They will work with you to determine if your insurance will pay or if you will need to pay out of pocket for the treatment.


Are you a candidate for stem cell therapy?

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Dr. Michael Skaliy

Throughout his career Dr. Michael Skaliy has felt that medicine is a rapidly changing field and he’s continued to stay up to date to bring the latest cutting edge therapies into his practice. Most recently, he introduced stem cell therapy and minimally invasive same day spine surgery, which is done through a small device the size of a pencil.

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