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August 29, 2014 | Home Featured | Surgery Center
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Atlanta Spine Specialists is pleased to offer patients a state-of-the-art surgery center at our Alpharetta location called the Windward Surgery Center. Our on-site surgery center is part of a fast-growing, nationwide trend toward surgical procedures being performed outside hospital operating rooms.

Our patients benefit from the convenience of an on-site surgery center in several ways:

Efficient. Turn around time between surgeries is as much as three times faster than at hospitals, which means less waiting for patients.

Lower Cost. Your costs can be significantly less than in a hospital.

Dependable. Scheduled surgery times are not likely to be delayed or bumped by non-related emergencies, as they may be at hospitals.

Family-friendly. A comfortable relaxing waiting area is provided for the patients and their family members along with timely updates from the nursing staff.

Advanced. The Windward Surgery Center features the newest high-tech medical equipment. Patients can be confident in the knowledge that Dr. Skaliy is able to treat them using the most advanced surgical tools available.

Personal. Our friendly team members offer immediate, personalized service and highly professional care. Our nurses continue that same great care after the procedure with a follow up call to the patient.

About the Author

Dr. Michael Skaliy

Throughout his career Dr. Michael Skaliy has felt that medicine is a rapidly changing field and he’s continued to stay up to date to bring the latest cutting edge therapies into his practice. Most recently, he introduced stem cell therapy and minimally invasive same day spine surgery, which is done through a small device the size of a pencil.

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