Spinal Cord Stimulation

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Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS), also called Epidural Nerve Stimulation (ENS), is a minimally-invasive procedure with a 40-year track record of delivering proven relief to patients experiencing chronic pain. In this treatment, a safe and effective device delivers soothing electrical stimulation to the spinal cord, resulting in significant pain relief to the affected area.

SCS works by blocking or changing pain signals before they reach the brain. Instead of chronic pain, patients feel a pleasant tingling feeling.

In the early days, it was used for end-stage chronic pain, often due to failed fusion surgery. Over time, advancements were made and neurostimulator devices improved, leading to SCS becoming more common and effective. Today, while still used to treat failed fusion surgery, this innovative pain relief treatment is often included in additional treatment protocols, including treatment for Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, multi-level Degenerative Disc Disease and chronic lower back and leg pain.

Take SCS for a Test Drive

Before undergoing epidural nerve stimulation, Dr. Skaliy will review the process with you, explaining the steps and equipment involved. You may also view a video about the therapy, so you are fully informed about the procedure prior to treatment.

Patients are encouraged to “test drive” the treatment for about a week. For this procedure, the doctor places wires in the skin using a simple needle stick. The needles are then removed, and the wires taped to the skin. These wires are attached to a small battery the patient wears during the trial. During this time, you may resume most normal activities. Best of all, you may increase or decrease the amount of stimulation using a remote control.

Pain Relief at the Touch of a Button

Spinal-Cord-Stimulator-Implant-External-ProgrammerWith Spinal Cord Stimulation you are always in charge of your treatment. Use the simple remote control to turn the unit on or off and increase or decrease the stimulation as needed.


A Permanent Solution to Chronic Pain

If the patient is pleased with the results of the short-term SCS trial, they may opt for the long-term treatment. In this phase, the same elements used in the test drive can be placed just beneath the skin.

  • A tiny battery is implanted in the buttock
  • Thin wires are placed to deliver pulses to the nerves along the spinal cord
  • The battery lasts approximately seven years and can be replaced quickly and simply
  • Patients still control the system using the remote control

For decades now, patients have been reporting significant pain reduction thanks to Spinal Cord Stimulation. Could this be the solution for your chronic pain? Learn more by reading our FREE eBook on Spinal Cord Stimulation.

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Watch this informative video on SCS:

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